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The DFR Sphere, or the Dounreay Dome

An iconic structure symbolising Atomic energy both as a Scientific leap and as an energy source for public consumption.
The DFR sphere (Dounreay Fast Reactor), the Dounreay Dome, is simply a supreme monument to the people and a period when Scotland & Britain led the world in a Nuclear age.

Today this iconic structure stands firm on the far North Coast of Scotland, in Caithness. However there are now plans to tear down this beacon of technological endeavour.

Please join us to save this monument from destruction and save it as a museum piece for today's and future generations.

We have a Facebook page but also please sign our petition.

If there is any way in which you feel you can show your support or help our efforts please contact us.

The Dome can be saved! Recent communications with DSRL & NDA have now shown there is no firm decision on the Dome's fate.
If a viable proposition and funding can be sought both parties are willing to consider keeping the dome, this does depend on the actual end state of the dome once decontamination has been completed.
Please see Our Response for more information.

Supporters include &

News from the Caithness Courier: "Campaign launched to save the Dome"